• Pilkington Jewellers

We are Watchmakers not sales assistants!

You spend thousands of pounds on a Rolex, Cartier or other branded watch only to take it into your local shoe repairers, chain Jewellery store or worse still a market stall Jeweller for repairs. Whether you just need a battery, or a full service, we only have a trained watchmaker working on your timepiece with over 50 years experience.

Do you need your battery replacing? we fit the best quality batteries at the lowest price and always by a trained watchmaker. Would you trust your luxury watch with just anyone? prices start from as low as £8, with Rolex and Cartier batterys priced at a reasonable £30.

We recommend you service your watch every 3 years, this includes both mechanical and quartz models. The average mechanical watch does over 25,000 miles per year! would you let your car do that many miles without a service? We provide a guarantee with every service and usually have your watch back to you within 2 weeks, why not drop yours in before you go on holiday?

Our years of experience guarantee your timepiece is in the right hands, bring it in today for your free estimate.